about Bharathanatyam 


Bharatanatyam is one of the eight classical dance styles of India and versions of the art form have been nurtured in the courts and Temples of Southern India starting in the ancient Vedic civilizations.

The art was handed down as a living tradition from generation to generation under the Devadasi system under which women were dedicated to temples to serve the deity as dancers and musicians forming part of the elaborate rituals.

Today, Bharathanatyam has become a universal art form that is practiced and performed all over the world and has the ability to tell diverse stories from a multitude of backgrounds!


Try some Indian Classical Dance! For Ages: 5 - 21

Disciplines: Arts Education, Dance, Music Theatre



Indian Dance is FULL of stories that use intricate hand gestures and facial expressions.


Watch Ms. Akila Iyer of Guru Vandana Arts Academy talk about an EPIC story, and try some hand gestures with her.

How can you use your body to tell a story?

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