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Apply to the 2023 Festival

Want a paid opportunity to perform? The Geeva Arts Festival has been providing a platform for hundreds of artists across the world, and always with compensation. Three to five artists will be selected for an in-person showcase in Louisville, KY, along with a world wide professional live-stream (available for a week). The performance dates are July 7th, 8th, and 9th 2023. 


This year, our festival will be centered on "Rhythm & Raga." This is a broad topic for each artist to bring their own interpretations. We encourage you to find unique ways of approaching the topic. For example: How does rhythm and raga intertwine with storytelling? What are the many ways the dancing body finds rhythm? How does rhythm and/or raga produce emotion? Could you use anecdotes or introductions of Rhythm & Raga to draw non-Indian or non-classically trained audiences into your performance?

 Please look at our GALLERY to see the kind of talent we have brought to our community!  

How to get selected to perform in the 2022 season? Submit this form by January 15, 2023:

How to get the Lifetime Achievement Award? Nominate yourself, or someone you believe deserves the award by e-mailing us at by January 15, 2023.

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